Here you can find a list of projects that participated in OuiShare Labs Camp 2014. To see the projects from 2015 editiion, please check the Labs Camp 2015 page.


An online platform to allow organisations to share underutilised resources with each other.

Resource sharing managements universities organisations Collaboration distributed-data search semantic

Assemblée Virtuelle

Enabling the construction of self-organizing systems of actors, ideas, ressources and projects so that they are mutually reinforcing. Building a distributed social network based on semantic web technologies. Collaborating with our partners to nurture a vibrant ecosystem transition.

semantic-web distributed-social-networks peer-to-peer transition


Open source world manual


The FreedomBox is a personal server for your home, designed to give you back control over your identity, personal data, and communication.

freedombox home-server peer-to-peer


Gatesense is a collaborative platform to share data from devices and sensors (Internet of Things)


GET Local

GET Local is a community cooperative development company based in Ireland working to build community service commons via cooperative enterprises aimed at creating local resilience by carbon neutral means.

Hackerspaces and libre software group in Paris

Paris hackerspaces diy Linux floss


Project to offer a decentralized way to declare resources through the constitution of personal and business inventories.

P2P-RM inventories


Premier startup a proposer une conciergerie d entreprise dans un modele d economie collaborative.

concierge-services jobbing b2b


Jolocom is a simple, distributed visualisation tool that displays high level connections between users’ personal contacts, projects, information and disparate APIs, as well as from sensors and devices The Internet of Things.

P2P SOCAP IoT Collaboration Information-Sharing Linked-Data

Linked Wishlists

Self hosted lists of requests/offers (wishlists) and way to query them across networks of peers

LOD Linked-Data RDF

Creating the open

open transparency


A joint, interoperable platform and initiative, inspired by and based on OpenStreetMap

sharing mutualism openstreetmap osm society economy transformation geocouch allmende-io

Open Networks

Project page for the Open Networks group of projects, including Open Decentralised Data Profiles, andShare, OVNi, Human Search and Activity Stream.

open-network open-value-network OVN OVNi SENSORICA andShare profile

P2P Rideshare

This project aims to help bring about a distributed rideshare system, either by using pure P2P technologies or a federated system or a combination of the two. We will experiment with self hosted trades and service provider hosted trades. We'll look at ontologies/protocols for ridesharing systems.


Parent Nounou is a website that connects parents with nannies and offers training to both parents and nannies.


Pressformore is a social network on which anyone will be able to create, filter, share, propose or back information they really care about.

platform journalism crowdfunding news aggregator social-network digital-authors

extending wikidata entities to match non-encyclopedic objets/real things, allowing those to be non-ambiguously identified in resource mapping systems (see P2P-RM / communicating inventories)

P2P-RM resources-mapping wikidata

Sharing Cities

Sharing cities is web application dedicated to empower citizens by giving them the chance to modelize their ideal city.


Smart Filter

Define filters for searches, display and access control which are portable, shareable and interoperable.


Trustribe is a transferable reputation system. We help Sharing services achieve greater business goals by providing their users with relevant reputation information and feedback tools.

reputation trust verification user-review-system

Visualizations for Systemic Change

Conceiving practical tools for learning and information, keeping track of knowledge as well as material flows, tools that can help cultural interoperability and meaningful contextualized productive discussions toward transformative action and systemic change. Working towards a distributed web where people, information, knowledge can be fluidly assembled, disassembled and reassembled around objects of attention.

Visualization platform language semantics navigation