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What we like about the open approach? It is our daily work, every single one of us comes together to create something they enjoy and love. We are inspiring each other to do the things that inspires us the most. It’s really a wonderful thing to observe the great variety of skills arising in such an open environment. We are learning about so many different ways you can achieve something, which is an amazing amount of diversity. In fact, we enjoy this so much, that we decided to work on one of the most ambitious goals. Enabling anyone to freely contribute to any kind of projects and being gratified for your contribution, fostering an ever growing flow of open inspiration and faster innovation cycles for new solutions.

The great thing is that there are already all over the world people like you working in such open environments on projects, tools and ideas each with full dedication to their specific interest, making them true specialist on their topic. But we discovered there is one little component not properly covered yet. It’s the lack of well designed, beautiful and intuitiv interfaces between all those communities. Because we know about the positiv effects, intuitive interaction can have on collaborative productivity, we are specializing on this challenge, acting as a research pool for creating knowledge and skills to adapt the connected nature of the internet and increase real person to person interactions through technology.