###About Labs Camp###

OuiShare Labs Camp is a free pop-up hub uniting developers and visionaries in the global social web and collaborative economy communities. We come together for four days of connecting, coding and creating. The Camp will feature keynotes, project pitches and work sessions proposed by participants. Presented projects will be mapped, described and showcased on the third day of OuiShare Fest, May 7th, at the Cabaret Sauvage during the OuiShare Fest Sharing Fair. During the Camp we will also be building tools that facilitate ongoing connecting and co-creation throughout the year - that is, this website and anything else you want to come up with.

###Things to do###

Bring your idea or code to share, or come to find connections!

Collaborative map

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Most of the agenda will be co-created at the beginning of each day. We will have a keynote (or two) on some mornings, followed by Open Space work sessions proposed by participants. At the end of each day we will gather and review what has been done. There will also be a short session of project pitches (3 minutes each) once or twice a day.

1 May - start at 09:00 with opening the doors, check-in, morning coffee, tea. Bring your breakfast if you want!


You can access Simplon from north by subway 9, station Croix de Chavaux (8 min walk) or from south by RER A, station Vincennes (12 min walk). There are several Vélib’ (city bike) stations nearby. Take a look at the collaborative map for a more detailed plan! You can also check out Vianavigo journey planner to find out the best route for you.


We will be sharing and preparing some food together onsite (there is a kitchen). You are welcome to bring food and drinks to share or to contribute to the meals hat however you can. There are also many grocery stores, pubs and restaurants around Croix de Chavaux station.

Attention! May 1st is a holiday with all facilities closed. Please think about bringing some food with you. We will cook a collaborative lunch.

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Camp results and follow-ups

OuiShare Labs Camp #2 brought together coders and visionaries dedicated to open source tools in collaborative scene for four days of co-working, co-living, sharing projects, innovation, and hacking software, hardware, ideas and food.

The camp started with introductions and project pitches, followed by (often spontaneously) co-created agenda of discussion and work sessions that continued long after collaborative dinners. Decentralised data, federated social networks, linked profiles and open value networks remained the most popular subjects. The final day was opened by Harry Halpin with a keynote about W3C and the future of the web.

Short profiles of most of the presented projects, sprouted ideas and continuing work clusters can be seen under projects directory. This collection was also presented on the OuiShare Fair where the visitors were able to add their own project descriptions.

Labs Camp’s discussions and workgroups also gave some input to the Decentralized Tools and Networks for Communities panel on the Fest. And it was lovely to see the many labscampers infiltrating the Fest volunteers and participants force, helping out with organisational tasks, all the while continuing discussions and brainstorming.