Pressformore is a social network on which anyone will be able to create, filter, share, propose or back information they really care about. Through this news crowdshaped ecosystem, we aim at providing journalists and readers an environment for discussion and collaboration. For the public, Pressformore wants to be a source of knowledge, through which they will have access to more relevant information, interact at any stage of its creation and sharpen their critical sense. For publishers, this platform will let them propose topics of investigation on any themes they want and let their audiences free to crowdfund those ideas. Eventually, the platform will provide modern and effective tools to experts, journalists, technicians and bloggers to collaborate and produce quality content.


Valuation of a news institution is essentially defined by highquality reports and trusted reporters. Our goal is to obtain both by increasing and promoting interactivity between audiences and publishers.

##Usercentered design

We’re building an environment that helps for both news consumption and creation. Our platform allows, for instance, every user to build his personal and customized news feeds, and discuss them with other peers. Any user is also able to add any content worth sharing on the platform. Hence, publishers (journalists, bloggers, experts, etc.) can add their own content very easily and make their own showcase. Our next step will consist in implementing e-wallets. Further, we want to provide our publishers with a bunch of tools analyzing trends emerging from the platform activity so they have useful insights, fueling their future storytelling activity.

##Crowdfunding mechanisms & microdonation

Properly assess the value of information is very complex. What is even more hard is to ask people to pay for it. To cope with that issue, we believe, on the one hand, that useful knowledge and quality information must be considered as cultural goods, just as music and arts. In the case of these latter, these sectors were desperately looking for diversified funding channels, they shifted nowadays towards viable alternatives such as crowdfunding. Our goal is to apply a similar paradigm for news production, distribution and consumption. On the other hand, we are convinced that what gives value to information is the amount of attention and the level of interaction/engagement that this can generate. Therefore, we’ve adjusted our crowdfunding system (and business model) on these two parameters.