OuiShare Labs Hacks

Are you curious about the so-called sharing economy? Do you sometimes wonder how new institutions of exchange will be shaped? Would you like to meet another European network of networks, investigating communication tools for a new millennium?

Following the OuiShare Labs Camp in Paris 2014, our activities around Linked Resources and Distributed Social Networking continue at the fringe of Open Knowledge Fest 2014 in Berlin.

Come and discuss your opinion on valuable hacks for mutual sharing.

Time and Space

Note: 14.07.2014 : 10 - 18

Hint: Spreeacker, Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg, 10179 Berlin-Mitte


  • Federated Social Web
  • Linked Open Data : Hyperdata
  • Resource sharing : needs + offers, i.e. nutrition, accomodation, transportation
  • Community Building : Harmonious Hackathons
  • Research : intentional, distributed action
  • Open Source : Leaving proprietary social networks